Liahona Youth Empowerment


Hi Speed 808 Training

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SAT/ACT/SSAT Test Preparation Life Enrichment

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Cultural Arts Dance, Hula, Chant, History

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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and educate special needs, at-risk youth and young adults to a healthy lifestyle so they will become active participants and role models in society.

Get to Know Us

The Liahona Youth Empowerment management team members, from its Board of Directors to teachers, coaches, organizational staff and volunteers are highly experienced in their individual areas of expertise.


Tua Tagovailoa
I've personally trained with the Liahona Youth Empowerment Organization with Coach Nate at the time Worlds Gym. I've got my strength up but most of all I met great people in the program.

Miami Dolphins

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Dem 808 Boyz : Hawaii's Finest "Best of the Best"
Honolulu (HI) 2016
Liahona Youth Empowerment Boys representing the 808 state

written by: Ryan Matsumoto
Drawings by: DeWayne
Shot, Cut, Narrated and Guitarded by Ryan Matsumoto